Top Thirty Mr T. Facts

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Fact # of Votes Rating
Mr. T once entered a Hot Dog eating contest. He ate a record 93 hot dogs, a 72 oz. steak, two pedestrians, a streetlamp, and a judge who called him "that guy from the A-Team". 91 7.21
When asked for his thoughts on vegetarians, Mr. T said: “If god didn’t want us to eat animals he wouldn’t have made them out of meat…Fool.” 102 6.90
During the first season of American Gladiators, 24 contestants died while attempting to run the Eliminator. The Eliminator was a cardboard cutout of Mr. T. 97 6.60
Mr.T was the pope, twice 99 6.48
Mr. T destroyed the periodic table, saying Mr. T. only recognizes the element of surprise. 96 6.46
One night Mr. T took a 10 p.m. train home. He still refuses to give it back. 98 6.29
The last time Mr. T and Chuck Norris teamed up, Atlantis sunk. 104 6.25
After Jesus turned water into wine, Mr. T turned that wine into blood and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. When the smoke settled all that remained was a giant wooden "T" and Jesus knew he was in trouble. 106 6.25
The punishment for manslaughter in El Salvador is 35 years of Mr. T's pity without parole. 91 6.20
The term "baker's dozen" was created because Mr. T scared the baker so much that he gave him an extra donut. 105 6.12
Before Mr.T was born there were only 25 letters in the alphabet. 91 6.03
Mr. T uses e before i as he pleases. 93 5.78
Mr. T once travelled back in time and space, reaching a galaxy far, far away long, long time ago. He pitied the galaxy so hard, that he invented the force. 94 5.77
The last person who looked at Mr. T was Ray Charles. 90 5.64
The film "Brokeback Mountain" was originally pitched as an off-beat romance starring Mr. T and Chuck Norris. The sole reason the two legends declined the starring roles is because if Mr. T and Chuck Norris were to kiss, there would be new meaning to the word would mean "obligation" . 89 5.61
Mr. T was born caesarian. Doctors had nothing to do with it. 89 5.60
Mr. T does not have dinner parties. The one and only dinner party he had he served mohawks of fury and double fists of pain. 85 5.56
Mr. T is very superstitious. Because of this, he tears off the head of any black cat that crosses his path. In fact, he tears off the head of just about any animal that crosses his path. Mr. T can never be too careful. 92 5.52
Few people know that "The A-Team" was completely true. The only thing the producers invented was that the A-Team had been in Vietnam. If Mr. T had actually been fighting for the US in Vietnam, Saigon would be the capital of America's fifty-first state right now. 85 5.51
Every fact you are thinking about submitting has already been thought of by Mr. T. 105 5.50
Knowing that no human being was good enough for him to bring down the red carpet at the premier of Rocky III, Mr. T brought his pet anaconda as a guest instead. At least that's who onlookers thought he brought. It turns out Mr. T decided to go totally alone. What was thought to be an anaconda at the time actually turned out to be the worst wardrobe malfunctions in red carpet history. 89 5.43
On the 0th day, Mr. T created God. Then made God do the rest of the work while Mr. T pitied him. 103 5.24
Gary Coleman met an early death when Mr. T ate him, mistaking him for a Ho-Ho. 96 5.22
Mr. T is slated to star in the hit show formerly known as "Everybody Loves Raymond," which was changed to "Everyone Tolerates Raymond" last season and will now become "Mr. T Pities Raymond." 89 5.13
I was going to make a Random Mr. T Fact, but he pitied me into not doing it. 97 5.12
Mr. T has removed Pee Wee Herman from existence for making fun of his cereal. 77 5.10
When Mr.T kills someone, he eats their soul first. 105 4.84
Mr. T once punched himself in the face, he wont even tell us what happened. He can't even remember what happened! 86 4.81
Mr. T currently resides in Columbia, South Carolina. Unlike most of the other facts, this is true. 91 4.70
Mr. T is the only Human who is brave enough to show his true feelings 92 4.62